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Name:Manfred von Karma
Birthdate:Dec 28, 1951
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America


P E R S O N A L I T Y:
Decisive evidence. A decisive witness. What more is needed?
—Turnabout Goodbyes

Manfred von Karma was an arrogant prosecutor who believed himself better than others, especially defense attorneys, who he saw as nothing more than annoying flies to be swatted. This arrogance was so great that not only did he set his ATM card's number to "0001" because he considered himself "number one", but he also openly advertised that it was such in court. He was also an intimidating man who held great sway over the courts thanks to his long win record, and he would often almost take over the judges' jobs during trials. His authority was enough to override those of veteran detectives such as Tyrell Badd, and he could assign to his students to any trial of his choosing. He had a habit of piercingly snapping his fingers when he wanted to help get his point across. Miles Edgeworth has referred to him as "legendary" and a "god" among prosecutors, while Kay Faraday called him "scary" when she met him.

Von Karma was a great believer in perfection and demanded nothing less from himself and his students. In this quest for perfection, he would do whatever it took to win a case by using false evidence, hiding undesired evidence, rigging witness testimonies and even going as far as retraining a parrot and attacking Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey with a stun gun at one point. He considered other prosecutors such as Byrne Faraday weak for failing to get defendants convicted. However, this "perfection" was his greatest weakness, as shown when Gregory Edgeworth created a penalty on his record. This small blotch on his "perfect" record led to a disproportionate response from von Karma: killing the defense attorney, taking on his son, Miles Edgeworth, as his student, molding Miles to be more like his father's killer than his father, and then framing him for murder.

Despite his dedication to convicting his defendants, von Karma cared only about criminals who were brought to court. He claimed that there was no point in dealing with criminals who were "above the law" in one way or another, because such matters were outside the scope of a prosecutor's job.

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This character belongs to Capcom's Series "Ace Attorney" otherwise known as "Gyakuten Saiban" or more specifically "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney".
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